Saturday, 1 March 2014

ePortfolio, One Sentence Stories, BYTE

It is hard to believe that our last full week of classes is over and after next week I will be finished my last assignments for my university career.  The end of each term is always the hardest and this term was no exception.  There always seems to be those last minute assignments that you forgot you had.  Anyways the highlight of this week for me was creating my eportfolio.  It is not completely finished but it is almost there.  I am very impressed with it so far.  I didn't think that I would have anything to put on it at first but once I got going it was okay.  Having the opportunity to look at other people's work gave me more ideas as to what I can add to mine.  I am still unsure as to how I am going to use this when it actually comes down to interview time.  My next assignment is almost done, this is the one sentence story.  I took my own pictures so I wouldn't have to worry about copyright and am using a quote as my sentence.  I can definitely see myself using this as a tool in the classroom.  Once you decide to do it, it is a very quick activity that you could have your students do to practice representing words with pictures and mood with music.

Outside of class a group of us attended BYTE on Friday.  Once again I am happy that I went.  I left with a better idea of how I can implement project based learning and how to integrate technology in to this.  I also left with pages of neat Apps and computer programs for everything from newspaper articles to classroom management.  Last but not least I finally made my first tweet after having twitter for over a year.

~ Carissa

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